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Overall, looks good - good speed in particular.

Start - like Serena said, I'd drop your hips a bit. get the bar over the base of your toes and your arms approx. vertical. Work on that flexibility too until you can get an arch in your back from neck to sacrum. When pulling from this position, you need to sweep the bar back into yourself as you separate it from the floor - your back angle will shift SLIGHTLY in the first couple inches of movement.

Also, turn your toes out a little bit, and then flare your knees to the sides as much as your arms will allow - this will allow you to get into a more upright posture by shortening the depth of your upper leg to hip. May also help your back extension.

Look straight ahead the entire time. Shifting your gaze like that will do nothing but destabilize you.

A couple other little things, but I'm not going to comment since I think they'll be cleared up if you do the above.
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