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Mark Gebhard
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I've recently started taking a 1 hour gymnastics class once a week and have had to rearrange my training schedule around it.

My week is structured like this:
day 1 - 5x5 with squats, overhead press, power cleans
day 2 - gymnastics class
day 3 - metcon
day 4 - off
day 5 - 5x5 with squats, ohp, pc
day 6 - metcon incorporating gymnastics movements
day 7 - off

My goals are increased strength in the 5x5 lifts and basically any improvement in gymnastics skill as I'm a beginner. I'm a bit more focused on tumbling, though, than strength moves like planche and iron cross. I do include some strength work during the class but the 5x5 is more where I get it. The 5x5 is a bastardized form of Madcow/Starr/Pendlay 5x5 or whatever you want to call it. I like this weekly setup a lot and I seem to be doing well on it, just the right amount of volume for me. Also, I adjust the volume of the two metcon days up or down based on feel/recovery.

[edit:] BTW, I don't feel like the 5x5 interferes with gymnastics the next day. I mostly feel it in the lower body which doesn't seem to affect my gymnastics work.
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