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I started saving all my calories for the 3 hr PWO window on M_W_F and then only 2-3 bigger meals on the other days....I do find with a light breakfast and expresso.....I am sharp and on target till like noon....and get a hell of alot more work done. I do protein shakes AM, Pre-WO, Post-WO and PM before bed...working on all the timing.

Funny I really dont track calories as it is a pain in the ass.....but since doing the above schedule the last 2 months and hitting the weights again...I've gained about another 10lbs lean muscle...back up to 195lbs after hitting a record low this summer of 172 from too much metabolic (CF and running/biking)work and not eating enough. I feel so much better and have more energy....oh yeah...Sat night all rules are off as I've been know to eat a whole pizza, couple beers....ok maybe more than a couple and then a dozen wings....god bless a strong metabolism!
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