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Danny John
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Some basic stuff:

You seem to have some flexibility issues. I would suggest dropping into the full squat every time you clean for a while. Note as you catch, it seems that your hips "catch," too.

Drive your head through the jerk so the arms are "behind the years.

I have to say this, too: you need to go heavier on the critiqued videos. Your slow second pull might simply be "not enough weight on the bar." I like to look at video of my big lifts, otherwise, you can cheat like hell. If you ever seen the BFS "Power Clean" video, I did 250 in the snatch and I think 315 in the clean for ten reps so they could get all the angles. They aren't worth watching because the weights are light and I just snapped them up rather than having to really load up the hips and hammies.

It's a point that I make with a lot of guys here on this forum. I remember a guy with an 85 pound snatch when I showed up and double that when I left...
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