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July 22, 2008
BW = 190.2

1. Gymnastic Warmup
handstand hold - 54 seconds, 35 seconds
l-sit - 10 seconds, 10 sec, 10 sec
v-up - 10, 6

2. Mobility/Movement Prep warmup
arm circles - 10F/B
leg swings - 10 front to back L/R, 10side to side L/R
arm hugs - 10
inverted hamstring - backward - 10L/R
hand walk - 3
reverse lunge w/lateral flexion - moving - 6L/R

3. Neck WU
swiss ball isometric hold - front x 40 seconds, side x 40 seconds L/R
band good mornings with band around back of head - red iron woody band x 15, 15

4. Diesel Crew shoulder rehab #3
pullup retractions - 15
barbell overhead shrug - 95 x 15
scap pushup - 15
posterior capsule stretch - 15L/R

5. Strength (2 minute rest between each work set)
front squat - 95 x 5, 135 x 4, 185 x 2, 235 x 1, 255 x 0

5. Metcon - For time
10 double KB swings - 35#'s
Farmers walk - up and down basketball court with 2 35# KBS
10 double KB clean and press - 35#'s
waiter walk - up and down basketball court with 2 35# KBS
10 burpees
rack hold walk - down and back basketball court with 2 35# KBS
10 ball slams - 20#
chest/overhead ball throw - up and down basketball court - 20#
10 wall ball - 20#
side throws - up and down basketball court - 20#
Time: 8:22

6. Upper Body stretching
~10 minutes of jumpstretch upper body stuff (back, chest, shoulders, neck...etc)
EQI push-ups - 45 seconds, 47 seconds

-Handstand hold - Holding the handstand against the wall is easy now, I'm still struggling to do a freestanding handstand though
-front squat - BAH! I need to start working these hard and heavy again, I thought 255 was going to go up since 235 was feeling good. I got almost halfway and started to tip forward. BAH!! These are going to go up damnit. I'm shooting for 300 by years end (conservative I know but it'd beat my old PR years ago by 35#'s).
-metcon - I made this one up, double KB swings were odd with the really wide stance, I could have got a better time if I had planned the workout better and gotten the equipment all together before I started. My plan was to do one stationary exercise and one exercise going up and down the basketball court. The 35's were light for farmers walks but I had to put them down twice for the waiter walks and once for the rack hold walks.
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