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Originally Posted by Tarun Suri View Post
Oh in that case, I peform them every workout. Specifically, I think it's called the Burgener warmup if I remember right.

I'm really happy with all the responses, I've learnt so much and my squat is getting better.

Before squat rehab, my but winked above parallel and now is winks at parallel and it hasn't even been a week I've been working on it. It just hasn't become a habit yet. If I squat without thinking, I'll have the same crappy form as before. I really have to think about thrusting forward with my hips to get a lower drop with a better back position.

I'm going to try box squats as well today, but I don't know if I'm supposed to rest on the box or not.

Wall squats seem like a good way or forcing my way doing properly and slowly.
Npt so much on the bolded...they are no where near the same as a squat. At what point in a squat do sit in the shape of a chair...if you were to put a load on your back like that you would fall every time...most likely even with out a load...try a wall squat then do a wall sqaut withoput the wall...unless you are referring to the Wall squat as noted in MO response then disregard what this post said
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