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Originally Posted by Troy Archie View Post

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Great homemade salad with tasty chicken, but I only got a half a Hass in there.

So what's the deal with the Florida avcocado? Anyone? Mutuant step child?
According to Produce Pete, the Florida avocado's a real prude and pales in comparison to the sultry and sensuous Guatemalen types:

California avocados are generally Guatemalan varieties, and in my opinion they are the best. They include the famous Hass, the Fuerte, and the Reed, which are relatively small compared to Florida avocados and have a thick, pebbly skin.

Florida avocados are generally Mexican varieties. Smooth-skinned and very clean looking, they can grow to be very large. They contain less oil and more water than the rough-skinned California varieties, and although they're generally much less expensive and have a good flavor, they're not as sweet and nutty-tasting. Florida varieties include Booth, Lula, and Taylor.

Mexican avocados that are imported are, in my opinion, better than the Mexican varieties grown in Florida. High in quality and the least expensive, Mexican avocados include the Bacon and Zutano, which are available twice a year--in early spring and again in early fall. Both are well suited to guacamole and salads.

While I'm here, I bring to your attention a concurrent avocado love thread:

Note, I started this thread 5 days prior to their's. Coincidence? Or synergy?

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