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Rick Deckart
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nowadays I usually don't like high rep stuff that much, but one of the best programs I have used is the John Bott squat rehabilitation program:

It is very monotonous and takes 5-6 weeks to complete one cycle, but it works very very well. I used this little program to bring my OHS to a current top set of 80kg x 13 reps at a bodyweight of 79kg within roughly a month. I think 80kg x 8 reps x 8 sets I could OHS pretty much any day of the week, so I feel safe to say it works quite good.

Repeating the cycle two times should bring you to 130kg x 7 reps x 7 sets given you use the progresson as outlined in the document and given all goes well. Don't laugh at the tiny weights in the first minicycles, it gets heavy soon enough.


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