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July 25, 2008
*fasted workout*
*15 hour fast*

1. warmup
light foam rolling - 5 minutes

2. Mobility
leg swings - 10 front to back L/R, 10side to side L/R
arm circles - 15F/B
arm hugs - 12
lunge w/lateral flexion - moving - 5L/R
inverted hamstring - backward - 8L/R
lateral lunge step to drop lunge - 4L/R

3. Prehab
x-band walk - 8L/R
Diesel Crew shoulder rehab #2:
DB Cuban Press - 15 x 12
band external rotations - red Iron Woody band
band pullaparts - red Iron Woody band
band dislocates - red Iron Woody band
band press - red Iron Woody band

4. Core - 30 seconds each
mountain climbers
push-up variations
side plank L/R
supine plank

5. Elastcity and Strength (45 second rest at the end of each superset)
A1) KB row - 24kg x 10L/R, 24kg x 10L/R, 24kg x 10L/R
A2) Reverse lunge with kettlebell - 24kg x 6L/R, 24kg x 8L/R, 24kg x 6L/R
A3) full parallette push-ups with feet on BOSU ball - 10, 8, 5

B1) 21's - 15 x DB lateral raise, 15 x DB rear lateral raise,
B2) band good mornings with band around back of head - red iron woody band x 10, 10
B3) goblet squat - 24kg x 10L/R, 24kg x 4L/R

band KB swings - 24kg x 10

6. Metcon
band KB swings - 24kg
Total time: 3:00

7. Misc.
ab wheel - on knees - 10, 10, 10
Dick Hartzell Lower Body Flexibility Routine using bands ~12 minutes

-Altered Alywn's workout form Monday, at home workout.
-band KB swings - these really lit up my posterior chain, a keeper for sure.
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Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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