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I don't think that a program like that is going to be successful in equal amounts every time you run through it, and I've found, for me, anyway, that each run through a program has diminished it's returns, especially if you do it back to back. In fact, I'd doubt very highly if two runs though that program would produce OHS

Elliot: I wouldn't worry about specializing in the bench, dead, or squat at this point.

In other words, the neural recovery plus general energy level gets sapped by the bench? Very good point. Would probably make sense to just do presses each day instead of alternating bench and press.

When you can bench press more than you can squat or deadlift, then you're right: something is not balanced!
At this point in time, I'd say, "No" about the bench hindering squat gains. If anything, it's the other way around. In addition to this; you had two hips replaced. This is a major trauma to the body, and, in addition, those hips are probably not as functional as two natural hips. You need to keep this in your mind as you go through the trials of learning and re-learning how to lift.

I don't know how much wear and tear artificial hips can take, and I don't know how much loading they can sustain, but, benching, and the fact that you are lying down, taking the load off your hips, is probably a decent thing to include in your program, just for that reason.
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