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Originally Posted by Paul McKirdy View Post
All at once, spaced out? Workout day? Results?
Probably 2 for lunch at 1230 and 2.5 for dinner at 730. Worked out around 5pm and did the gym workout which was

40 GHD 40 135# Dl 400m run
30 " 30 " 400m run
20 " 20 " 400m run
10 " 10" 400m run

...which obviously killed me. I really need to resist the peer pressuring at my affiliate and stick to short WoDs and heavy hard though...

So yeah, had dinnner and I admit 2.5 is probably too much in one sitting, I was uncomfortably full for about an hour afterwards and stayed full the rest of the night... The last week my eating had been so screwed up because of my rotations that my meals are more like binges.... Didn't bother eating til 2pm today...but yeah..i love avocados...
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