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Originally Posted by Scott Robertson View Post
Well just over one week into eating all of these calories and I am now measuring myself to try and get an idea of where the calories are going.

First 10 days

(per my Tanita scale)

I have gone from 165 to 175 pounds.
11.5 to 12.5% BF

I had just bought some new pants several weeks ago and was a loose 32. After measuring myself this morning, I seem to be a 34. The 32 pants still fit but are much more tight around the waist. I am also measuring chest and legs but don't have a reference point for those.

The good news is that my lifts are still going up.

I'm anxious to see where I'm at in another 10 days. I don't think my body can handle a 36 waist!
Don't you think 10lbs in 10 days is a bit much? If you numbers are correct you've gain 3lbs of fat already. I'd back the cals off a little and see where that takes you. Remember sooner or later you are going to want to take some of that fat back off.
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