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Jeff Yan
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Default suggestions for set up?

I just got a hammer and I'm completely new to hammer/tire exercise.

I have a regular car tire, sitting on end atop a cinder block and anchored by bungee to the block and a metal banister. The fact that the tire is vertical and on a cinder block adds extra height makes the bounce-back a little scary to someone new to this. Anyway, I'm hoping to eventually get a second block and wedge the tire between them rather than placing the tire on top of the one.

Any suggestions on how I might improve this set up?

Conversely, I have another, unbouncy tire that looks like a formula one tire (fat). It's really floppy and doesn't regain form upon impact. That means I can't use it for plyo jumps otherwise it'll collapse and I'd fall off. When I hit it with a hammer it will collapse halfway and continue to absorb impact upon repeated strikes, but it still won't regain form or offer any rebound.

Is the tire's bounciness at all vital to this exercise?
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