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Anton Emery
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Default knee pain during deep cleans

Hi Everyone,

I was practicing my cleans the other day, pulling from the floor and landing in a rock bottom front squat. After the workout and the next day i felt pain in knees. I am wondering if my knees are not in line with my feet. When i have someone watch and they say it looks fine, but doing heavier cleans it may not be perfect on every rep. Does anyone know of any muscle imbalances that might cause this problem, or stretches i should be doing?

My right foot naturally turns out a bit, its been that way since birth. So sometimes when i jump my feet from the pulling to receiving position my right foot goes out to wide. I have been working to fix it, doing drills with the PVC and paying attention to my foot position. Its getting more consistent, but is not perfect yet.

thanks in advance.

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