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Default Clean/Snatch Critique

Finally took the time to record my lifts for critique.

Started about 8 months ago (with Crossfit) - never did olympic lifts before that. Current bodyweight is 133lb.

Current lifts are:

Snatch = 140lb (set today!)
Clean = 200lb (set last week, but repeated today)
CJ = 175lb

Goals: really like doing the lifts and want to maximize my potential. Also like doing the lifts for the benefits they impart on my other current obsession (BJJ). Don't want to pack on weight/bulk for the sake of increasing my max.(Need to maintain weight for BJJ competitions)

I'm not able to do hook grips on either of the lifts currently - really uncomfortable ever since I dislocated right my thumb from BJJ. Clean Snatch

Thanks in advance. Forgive the duplicate post if you frequent the Crossfit forums (and thanks for the tips if you've already posted over there!)

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