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Anton Emery
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I had Scott Hagnas watch my front squat today and he said it looked pretty good, a little knee buckling on the right side. That may just be an issue consciously remembering to push it out. I'll get a video camera in the gym soon and get some clips for your evaluation. I am also working on ramping up my front squat weight. I think building some strength with that exercise will help too. I have just not squatted enough. My current max as of last week was 170lbs, and today i did 145x5. Pretty pathetic, considering i can deadlift double BW. So i am going to work to drive that up while continuing to watch my form.

About the foot thing, i am not sure if its muscle imbalance or structural. I can remember doing exercises when i was really little, like walking on a line or on a board to get my foot to straighten. I've chiropractors tell me one leg is longer than the other, then others telling me that is wrong. So i dont know what to think on that front.

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