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Derek Maffett
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At the moment, I'm doing the CA WOD, increasing weights and adjusting to the heavy lifting of the bulgarian cycle while more or less dumping the metcons. By August 16 (there's a meet then), I plan to have my real maxes calculated - I should be able to make a total above 100 kg, I think. I also need to get my form dialed in (it's getting better, but the jerk especially needs work). I'm going to try making trips up to Seattle to get coaching from John Thrush or Sam Maxwell and talk to them and Greg Everett about a better program for O-lifting (CA WOD should work for now since I'm still getting used to the frequent heavy lifting, but obviously it's not going to work with my immediate goals). Come the October competition, I'm going to lift as much as I can - if I don't qualify, I can still look forward to next year, when I should have much better access to good coaching.
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