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Default De Vany DVDs

Who is in?

They are selling like hotcakes. For the low price of 125, you can learn to add 5lbs of lean muscle in 2 weeks.

His marketing guy is good. Create scarcity by only releasing 100 copies to discover the price, then hold the price there and produce them by the hundreds. Does not hurt to promise 5lbs lean mass gain either.
"One of my subscription blog readers has it right. We donít know what the DVDs are worth and, being an economist, we are discovering the price through an auction. It does look like $125 is about right, but we shall see. I am not running the auction, my marketing guy is. There is nothing dishonest about an auction, it is universally considered to be the most informative and non-manipulable mechanism for price discovery.

The DVDs will go up onto the store at a more or less fixed price when the store is up and the auction is finished.

I am back up to 200 pounds again. I put on 5 pounds of muscle in two weeks, maybe a bit more because I did lean out a little.

It was easy. I put the technology I used on my private blog."
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