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He had a shot at maybe $29-$39....$125? Really? Does his marketing guy really know the internet market and flood of fitness information out there?? Charging $125 for everything one can find on the internet for free somewhere?? Is he going to tell me anything new about eating real foods? Doubt it. Anything new about his magic workout scheme? Don't use machines it won't matter. I used to like his blog....and would of bought something for $29....but apparently his new sales and marketing department thinks he can pull in millions.....Good luck....not in. That and already removed him from RSS feeds because he hasn't been doing anything worthwhile in a long time. Best of luck Art, nothing wrong with trying to make money for good material people can benefit from.....but I will pass. He'll make his money on his loyal reader following....after that, good luck dealing with the general internet user and trying to sell them something for $125. Hope he also gets to sell his dirt bikes.

One of my subscription blog readers has it right. We don’t know what the DVDs are worth and, being an economist, we are discovering the price through an auction.
and oh yeah.....huh??? Economists and fitness information? I don't get that at all. Books and DVDs are $19-$29....take a trip to Barnes and Noble to figure that one out.
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