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31 Jul 08
Decided last night after testing my hamstring flexibility that I need to address my mobility issues. When I place the blade of my hands in the crease of my hips and maintain my lordotic (sp?) arch, I can only bend about 12 inches. In other terms, i am at a negative 10 on the sit-and-reach test. I did not realize I have been bending my lower back, not at the hips, when squatting and dead-lifting.

I think this is the culprit of my tight back and lower back injuries over the last few years. I keep trying to work around it, but it always comes back to haunt me when progress is being made.

Mighty River of Steel Day

"Quick 8" for warm-up

Front Bend: Standing Push--8 sec breath-tension cycles X 5 on 36" then 24" boxes

Back Bend: Handbridges w/ flat feet--8 sec breath-tension cycles x 5

Splits: Slide splits and front on plastic sheet--8 sec breath-tesnsion cycles x 5 each direction.

Indig squat hold for 30 secs x 5.
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