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I try to stick to the 3 on, 1 off CF cycle.

I do one SS workout in each cycle.

I try to replace the CF workout thats more strength based.

So todays WOD is the CF total. I'd try to do the SS work out instead. Then alternate each SS work out each cycle.

So, if i did Squat, Press, Dead in 1 CF 4 day cycle, I'd try to do Squat, Bench, Power Clean in the next. It has not worked out that way due to having sore/strained moobies, but that was the plan.

Although I noticed good strength gains from just following the WOD in the last 9 months, my strength increases seem to have tailed off a bit.

Hence I decided to go back to basics and try to build a good strength base using the SS 5*5 workout within my CF regimen.

I am also training alone, so I don't really want to do any max effort stuff without a lot more hands on coaching.

For the big exercises such as Squat, Dead and Cleans I stick to 3 mins for both work and rest and 2 mins for press and bench. That way the only variable is the weight used. Reps, sets, rest periods are all the same.

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