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Scott Borre
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Because he's too focused on looks as a measure of progress. Don't say that though, he won't post your comment. But that's the feeling I've gotten lately. Of course at times he discusses real measurements as gains, such as real measurements of increased strength. But I think he also uses the machines to prevent injuries, and because he's not interested in finding a gym (or making one himself) where he can oly lift. He also likes being able to do the heavy negatives (since with the machines at his gym he can change the amount of weight on them at any point thus he pushes out with one weight, then increases it and does a negative).

I respect a lot of what he's written, and used to look forward to his new posts. I won't pay for the private blog because I don't feel that he offers anything I'm going to follow that I can't A) get elsewhere for free, or B) figure out myself.
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