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Greg Davis
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Agreed the DVDs are overpriced. Talk of his book (incl. his chapter 1 fiasco) is almost unbearable.

But I would pay the 25 bux for his subscription blog, probably the only blog I would ever pay for. Mostly because the value I've gotten from his writing over the years has been much more than 25 bux. His evolutionary fitness essay is the most succinct and inspiring description of the topic I've read.

The way I see it his workouts are kinda lame in that they use machines, curls, etc. but geez the guy is 70 years old. He's put in his oly lifting dues and his body probably just needs "maintenance" workouts.. so that needs to be kept in mind. His ego is huge, but so what, it should be.

Art is a genius economist and has as admirable perspective on how to view most aspects of life, irrespective of his diet/fitness approach. He's in a league of his own.
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