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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Agreed. I know Rip puts the power cleans after the squats in his workout well mainly cause his workout is after mass gain and not good skilled work with oly (and it is power cleans which are somewhat less technical anyway).
Sorry re-reading this several months later.

That's the principle for novices: Focus on the squat, recover through the bench or the press, hit the powercleans. The novice will have low numbers/shitty technique so fatigue isn't such a factor.

As you advance then cleans and snatches go first and form/technique is a primary concern. Again recover through the pressing movements and squat last. I was reading PP the other day for another reason and this stuck in my mind.

The idea of squatting or deadlifting last is pretty repellant to me though. Want to get the tough stuff out of the way. I prefer:

Weighted chin



Maybe not the best but suits me. What I notice the most is even with 1x5 of deads how shot my pullups can be afterwards.
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