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1 Aug 08
45 Minutes Trail Ride
Finished with a run at the Hincapie Challenge, a 0.6 mile hill that averages 11 percent grade (read below).
Holy Suck, Fatman!

30 min. rest then:
Deadlifts up to 325 x2
3x5 BW pull-up (nips to bar)/ ring dip sets (All dips form the bottom to remove stretch-reflex, thereby saving shoulders and increasing difficulty)
"Challenge Hincapie at Paris Mountain
Posted Monday, July 25, 2005 - 10:57 pm

By Justin Chappell

So, you think you can ride with Greenville Tour de France cyclist George Hincapie?

We'll here's a way you can give it a try (and, probably, fail horribly) if you want to test your riding skills. There's a 0.6 mile uphill climb at Paris Mountain State Park that he does in 3 minutes and 3 seconds.

"The percent grade of it averages 11 percent," said Ty Houck, the park's manager. "And that's as steep - if not steeper - than a lot of the stages in the Tour de France."

Officials at that park saw Hincapie there regularly, and they saw him starting at one point, racing up the hill and redoing it over and over again. So they talked with him about it and decided to mark its beginning and end in December 2004 so others could try. Since then, it's been called the "Hincapie Challenge." And it's one of the spots Hincapie trains regularly.

Lots of people give it a whirl, Houck said, but few ever come close. The closest he's heard of was someone doing it in about four minutes - that's only 57 seconds longer than Hincapie, right? Well, think about this:

That's 57 seconds longer over just 3,300 feet - and that's a lifetime in a bicycle race."
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