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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Stephen should just have a button that he hits to send out the standard reply because it's alway spot on - I would add to his response: "what are your goals?".

I don't personally think 3-5km is long. I think 7-8 miles is starting to be long. Admittedly the last time I did any running in Thailand I thought I was going to die.

Based on knowing absolutely nothing why not experiment by doing a long run at weekends? Build it gradually. I know there are running clubs in Bangkok that you could hook up with. Where abouts in Thailand are you?
I'm on the beach near Ban Phe. Can't stand Bangkok..

The goal is to improve at running with a minimal time invested. Say, to the point where 3-5km "isn't long" for me either, and I can do it with ease.

Of course, like you said, I'll have to experiment for myself. I was just looking for anecdotal points, like if any of you have run only once a week (or whatever) and improved your time/distance.
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