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Default Olympic Lifting & Starting Strength

I started Olympic Lifting about a month ago, and it is freakin' fantastic. My technique is improving and my lifts are going up. I lift about four days a week.

However, at some point I'd also like to try the Starting Strength program to see where it takes me. I'm not ready to do that just yet--I'm having too much damn fun right now. So, if you were me, how would you time the SS program with your Olympic lifting? Would you do Olympic lifting until you stopped seeing significant improvement, and then do SS? Try to create a hybrid SS-Olympic lifting program? Or abandon the idea of doing SS entirely, since perhaps once I've done a couple months of Olympic lifting I shouldn't be considered a novice any more?

I've been toying with doing SS as I want to get stronger to fulfill my secret desire of becoming The Hulk. But if Olympic lifting is going to have the same results at the same speed (or faster), then I'm open to the idea that SS isn't right for me.
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