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I'd say a couple months is still novice for Oly lifting.
Really, OL and SS are different. One is a sport. One is a training program.
But you can add benching to your OL training. If you are doing lots of squatting and accessory work you will see growth with an Oly focused program. The more accessory work, the more you can expand beyond OL.
Personally I saw my best gains in all areas when I was doing OL Mon and Wed, quick Squat workout Thursday with a little extra, and then another regular gym routine Saturday (squat, press, pull, row, not BB, 5x5, etc) for a total of 3 days squatting, MTrSat. I was also a few month novice OL at this time. Looking back, my greatest diffeciency might have been eating - I bet I should have eaten more.
There's a mass gain program on this PM thing that has a lot of OL lifts that seems to have had success in building strength and size for some people. It might be worth it in your Hulk Quest.
Remember, the Hulk is explosive. He jumps miles. So the quick lifts are great to make a key to your program, I think.
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