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Originally Posted by Dave Maerk View Post
I'm on the beach near Ban Phe. Can't stand Bangkok..

The goal is to improve at running with a minimal time invested. Say, to the point where 3-5km "isn't long" for me either, and I can do it with ease.

Of course, like you said, I'll have to experiment for myself. I was just looking for anecdotal points, like if any of you have run only once a week (or whatever) and improved your time/distance.
I've surprised myself in the past by how sharp I have felt on a run when I haven't actually been doing much running. The freshness helps but I think having the right kind of conditioning tuned in does too.

There have been periods when I thought I was doing the right kind of conditioning but not much running and I've blown up - see thread where my girlfriend kicked my arse.

And there have been periods when I did lots of running and I felt like shit.

Mark Twight would say, in fact he does say, that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but I don't think a decent 5km time and Derek's is very respectable is that hard/time inefficient to achieve.
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