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2 Aug 08
Booklet of BodyWeight Power (BBWP) & Mighty River of Steel (MRS) Day by Bryce Lane

"Quick 8" for warm-up

BBWP Workout 1A (introduction level)
Sumo Power Squat 1X30 reps
Egyptian push-ups 1X20 reps
Body-Rows on rings 1X20 reps

Front Bend: Standing Push--8 sec breath-tension cycles X 5 on 24" boxes

Back Bend: Handbridges w/ flat feet--8 sec breath-tension cycles x 5

Splits: Slide splits and front on plastic sheet--5 reps each direction.

Band hamstring stretches

Notes: range of motion getting better on the stretches.
BBWP goals are one set of 100 in squats and jumps and 50 in Egyptian push-up
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