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Jacob Rowell
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We share a similar problem - you're looping the bar out in front of you. You can see it on the 60kg snatch, and I believe it's what's causing you to fail at 62.5.

First, your hips are rising slightly on the 1st pull. When entering the 2nd pull, you're leaning over a good bit. As you start the 2nd pull, you're slamming your hips into the bar (I'm surprised it doesn't hurt!) and throwing the weight forward.

Think about keeping your chest up through the 1st pull, and driving through the ground with your feet, not lifting with your back like a deadlift. "Get tall" during the 2nd pull, and get your elbows high (think scarecrow), pulling the bar into you. You need to figure out what keeps you from slamming your hips into the bar and looping it out in front of you.
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