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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
My training log is here and I detail out all the stuff I do both weights and BJJ. Currently I am on a hybrid program that is modeled off of Gant's. For met-con I either do what Greg has posted on the main page or some bastard child variant of whatever Leo or Gant have done. I try to keep my met-cons to the 5 minute range so I am simulating a round in BJJ. I will do longer met-cons but am avoiding any over 20 minutes right now.

If you look at my log and have any questions I would love to answer them. My log is titled Derek's Mass Gain Manifesto and Milestone Log. Gant's workout log is also a phenomenal resource for ideas as he is training in Judo.

Like I said if you see anything that you need clarity on just post or email me and I will help you out.
COOL! I'll check it out for sure and fire off any questions. I find interest in what you're up to since I'm a BJJ guy myself and am interested in how different training approaches impact (positively or negatively) one's training results in BJJ.

Thanks again!
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