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When I started uping my fat at first it felt like alot now it feels totaly normal I think my digestive system just needed to adjust. If you feel like you are not digesting as well just slowly add a little each weak or grab some lipase or better yet a full digestive enzyme blend for every major meal. Oh yeah and I eat no fat other than fish oil and high carbs (5-9 blocks depending on glycogen needs) PWO and eat a dinner of high fat and little to no carbs. It works well for me and helps reduce insulin levels for the night time HGH release. Improved recovery = improved energy levels.

I am 165# about 9%BF and consume about 110-140g fat/day. Probrably 10- 15 blocks of carbs or do a perfect zone if it seems I need more recovery. That being said after adjustment to a lower carb higher fat diet I might reduce my fat perhaps even by half some days if I am trying to burn some stored fat.
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