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I have followed the zone diet with double the fat before. originaly I did 1 gram of fat per lean lb. at 173lb. and 12% BF which was about 21 blocks. By the way I also typicaly follow the CF Main pageish. This was alright but after a while I decided to try and gain some weight/strength so I first uped my fat to 71/2 gm for every block to create a surplus of calories and keep my body from using protein. I have since gained strength and decided to cut. I weighed 180lb. and I began by reducing my total blocks, but I felt hungry. I then began IFing and found I needed way less food. I reduced my blocks over just a couple of weeks to 18 blocks, from 26 blocks at the peak of my eating. During this time I kept my fat at 7g/ block and even aded fat at times.

I began lowering my fat especialy on rest days and found that my hunger didn't increase and I began losing fat fast. I have since found through IF and listening to my body I eat way fewer carbs in general and my blocks are around 16 some times 14. At 165 only a few months later I have gone way back up in fat consumed at all times, and while I have retained my strength I find that at times I need to have heavy eating days even up to like 24 blocks after heavy lifting days.

I wrote all of this to explain that I feel as though without IF and a gradual adaptation I am not sure I would have found myself comfortable during the transitions. I also wanted to explain why my ratios fluctuate quite a bit.

As to the grams of fat I posted that is typicaly total fat. If I am eating very lean meat I dont realy count it but egg yolks fatty cuts or sausage I do. I don't think 150+ is to much depending on your activity and weight obviousely. I am sure there are days I have more than doubled that (not recomending it while trying to lose weight).

Yes to the dinner. Unless I am trying to gain a little muscle after a heavy day I keep carbs out of my last meal maybe some broccoli or green salad. Lots of Olive Oil or Avocado. Also I stop eating a few hours before bed so even if there are some carbs my inslin shouldn't be rageing.

The digestive enzime I use is Digest Gold by Enzymedica they also make some lipase formulas specifically for fat. They are not cheap but I find them to really ease any digestive issues which can occure from big meals small eating windows or cheat meals.

This is what has been working for me sorry if it was way more than you wanted to know.
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