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August 3, 2008
*13 hour fast*
*fasted workout*

1. Mobility/Movement Prep warmup
foot mobility drills ~25m
knee hug - moving - 6L/R
lunge - in place - 6L/R
inverted hamstring - place - 6L/R

2. Interval run I was planning on doing this alone but Connor really wanted to go with me so this turned into an interval run pushing Connor in the jogging stroller
10 x 1:00 sprint/1:00 walk (the last interval I had a minute extra rest due to waiting for a crosswalk sign)

Total time: 23:00
Total distance: 2.10 miles

-Intervals - Total rest was ~12 minutes, with about 2+ minutes of waiting at crosswalks so I'd guess that total walking distance was 0.5 miles meaning I ran a total of 1.6 miles in the 10 minutes of sprinting. Which is ~6:15 mile for the sprints. Considering how many hills I encountered on the trails along with slowing down for turns, I'm very happy about it. (I did almost wipeout on a turn, Connor was a bit freaked by that.)
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