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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
I have found a dairy for grass fed raw milk does anyone have experience with whether or not I may be able to use raw dairy without many problems.
As I mentioned above, I consume moderate amounts of raw diary without issue. But then, I have never really had any serious digestive concerns associated with dairy.

There seems to be a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that many people who experience digestive distress when consuming pasteurized dairy products can tolerate raw milk, butter, and cheese much better.

The theory seems to be that the pasteurization process deforms the casein and other components of milk, making them unrecognizable to the body. Another issue is that most pasteurized milk is produced by cows that are fed a diet rich in grains, which almost certainly alters the fatty acid composition of the milk, making it more inflammatory to the digestive tract.

I would suggest starting with raw cheese and, if you can find it, raw butter. IIRC, they have less casein and lactose than milk.
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