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Originally Posted by Jon Alexander View Post
is there an online place were i can find those enzymes?
thanks again for all the info and help!!
I am sure there is just Google Enzymedica I get mine from Whole Foods but now that you metion it I will look on line. The guy who owns the company wrote a book "all you need to know about enzymes" Kinda alot of info but I think it was helpfull. The jist is enzyme suplaments free up your bodies ability to focus the enzyme production on the enzymes that can not be suplamented the bennifits include improved cell reproduction (anti-ageing), improved immune function, nuroendocrine efficiancy, and improved digestion/metabolism. I am kinda surprised there is not more talk of enzymes here. I am gonna study more into it and perhaps start a thread. Honestly I don't have a broad enough understanding to be sure that all the supposed bennifits are real but it deffinatly helps digestion.
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