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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
That would have been a 1:22 row for 500M's. How did it feel? All this talk about rowing is getting me fired up to take a run at a sub 1:20 500. Last 500 I rowed was right at 1:27.9. I will take a look to be sure. All I know is I fell off the rower and just lay on the floor for the next 5 minutes. Of course it was at Leo's place and I think we had just done Helen or something stupid right before, no it was a little O/Lift practice meet.
It felt freaking awful! haha

My PR for a 500 was 1:31 and I was dancing in circles for that! After I pulled myself off the ground 10 minutes later. 1:27.9 is freaking awesome. I thought about trying for a PR today but my legs feel fried, Monday.
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