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Originally Posted by Gittit Shwartz View Post
A white chocolate bar contains more sugar than a dark chocolate bar... I find it incredible that this fact wasn't taken into account in the researchers' analysis of their results (at least in the text Fenthis posted).

I was thinking the same thing and wondered if there is any way that the difference in weight of the two types of bars reperesented that the only difference between the two was the addition of 10 grams of cocoa. Also this study looks suspiciously as though it is trying to promote eating candy bars rather than the health benefits of raw cocoa which is at best an acquired taste. For some cocoa will be considered inedible without sweetening. Still Dark choclate of 75% or above is one of my favorite cheat treats. I am in a small town on the oregon coast right now and this little coffe shop has a 91% cocoa candy bar with some super fancy type of cocoa in it. I am deffinatly getting one.
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