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I am pretty random about IF. I try and get one 20+ a week and and one full day of eating. I like to make a rest day the beginning of a long fast because I can eat big in the morning and stop early in the after noon. I would say my average day is 16 hours.

Example: M eat 11-8:30/ T eat 12:30-7:30/ W eat 12-9/ Th(rest) eat 8-3/ F eat 12-10/ Sat(WO in morn on empt stmche) eat-12-8/ Sun (WO OES) eat 11-7.... ....and repeat

If I had my way I would switch up my work outs more often but since I WO after work I typically eat light like 4-6 blocks before my WO at 5 and give myself 2-3 hours to digest before my workout. I break my fast with an apple and some nuts most often then about 20 minutes later 1 or 2 eggs(omega 3) then I have a light lunch high fat low carb about 3 or 4 blocks of protein I love a can of sardines for this.

As far as my cross fit performance I have realized that training OES or Under nourished has effected my performance negatively initially and then led to an increased feeling of endurance and recovery. Also when I am trying to excel in a bench mark WO or am feeling competitive I will rest before the work out eat two 3 block zone perfect meals 2xfat about 2 hours apart with fruit as the carbs usually berries in the second with a two hour fast before my work out the protein is typically eggs in the first and whey in the second (I know it is not paleo). I usually find myself light and in the zone with good nourishment and glycogen ready. If I had a long and active fast and didn't get enough carbs after a high rep WO the day before I may not have enough glycogen.

I think I just took way too long to say that overal my ability to efficiently utilize stored energy during a work out, and metabolize dietary nutrition for improved recovery has improved my ability to perform especially in the metcon arena. In order to maximize these benefits I sometimes train in a state which compromises my ability to perform at the time. Hard to have my cake and eat it too.
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