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Default Trying to use SS style workouts; thoughts

So I started using 2 day SS style workouts that basically looked like this:

Day 1
Deadlift (or Snatch)
Push (ie. incline press)
Row (ie. db rows)

Day 2
Power Cleans (or C&J)
Posterior chain (ie. single leg RDLs)

I think this sort of template works great. However, I'm finding that these workouts are getting squeezed out by my other activities. Long term I think it would be more sustainable if I could hit a gym for a weights session about once per week. I love hitting heavy weights but I need to focus more on the skill development for my sports.

My question is if I were to do a 1 day gym workout looking simply something like:
Deadlift (or Snatch)
Power Clean (or C&J)
few accessory exercises

(a) is it piling in too much intense exercises in one workout; (b) is once a week often enough to inhibit much of an adaptation response (should i think about ditching the gym altogether?)

Here are the other stuff my typical week tends to include:
~2-4 "metconish" type workouts (BJJ, basketball, tennis, mountain biking, intervals of some sort, etc.)
~2 sessions bodyweight stuff outside (rings, pistols, planches, etc.)
~1 session of rock climbing on average per two weeks

Of course this all varies depending on my schedule and the weather.

My goals aren't too specific; get better at bodyweight exercises, long term LBM development, support varied sport performance.
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