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Default My food IS better than yours!!

There, I've thrown down the gauntlet. Pshaw to your breakfast and avocado logs I say. Now, show me what you've got. What food, condiment, etc. is it exactly that you call delightful enough to wax poetic about?

Without question nor argument, at the top of my food list is something that makes my mouth water every time: PESTO SAUCE
What a wonderful thing it truely is. When placed on a chilled salad (it has to be a tad warm to truely be presented properly) it tastes so fine that I find myself literally gorging on something so mundane as greens? If one of those little leafy buggers escapes my lips I find myself snatching it off the table in the hope that my taste sensation tingles yet awhile longer. If you happen to be so sheltered that you have not tried PESTO SAUCE that is truley sad, and you are without hope my friend. This should be mandatory eating flavor for anyone that considers themselves rightful of an epicurean excursion of heaven. Do not dare to quibble with me about the fact that this wonderful edible product has a some parmegian cheese sprinkled in it either.

You can't touch that.
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