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Might have been a hass

Had a Mexican dinner last night. Our appetizers came with a small dollop of guacamole. Once we got a sampling of that cool, creamy goodness, we just had to order more. A perfect complement to my garlic shrimp and her carne asada.

So my coach wants me to look into 6-day a week training until the end of October:
At this point your technique is solid (not perfect, but good enough) and you only need to make some improvements to your overall bodily strength in order to be able to handle heavier poundages. You should consider a six day a week program with three "power" days and three "technique" days. We can discuss the details next time we meet. If you follow a program like this I think you could do 95-115-210 at the Mets.

I'm going to have to up the ante with my meals. Duck fat. MMMMMMM.
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