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Originally Posted by Richard Thomas View Post
With the Opening Ceremony only a couple of hours away, who are everyone's tips to take out the medals in the Weightlifting in the respective categories/gender etc?

BTW - Has anyone else seen this series of vids of the Polish guys in training?
(siodme Poty 1 - 6)

Szymon Kolecki has a beautiful technique!
I am a big fan of Kolecki, and it's nice to see Poland kick some sporting butt, too.
I like him to medal in the 94s. Marcin Dolega, didn't he snatch 202 or something in training? I'd like to see him take the 105s.
105 plus will be a battle between Steiner, Scerabith... maybe Chigishev and Jaber. With Reza out we have a contest. But no new WR.
Look for Rabykov to win the snatch at 85s but will he keep his lead in the C&J? I dunno. I like how Kendrick is listed as "Kenny Farris" on the IWF roster list.
That's about as far as I can speculate. Look for lots of great Chinese and lots of powerful slavs.
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