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Anton Emery
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Well its now August and i dont think i have come any closer to figuring out how to most effectively implement my Crossfit and BJJ training. My wife and i joined up at Crossfit Portland in January, so i started going there alot. I went to my Level 1 cert in May, a PM O-lifting Seminar in June, and am signed up for the NSCA CPT test in October. I would like to work towards training people, so i feel i need to put up decent weights on the basic lifts and have good metabolic conditioning.

I need to be better about planning my training. For the past few months i have been going six on one off, alternating BJJ and Crossfit. The trouble is i just go into CF class and do whatever Scott has planned for us. If its a gnarly workout then the next day i can't wrestle to well. I love the CF classes, but i think i need to program my training more since i have another sport to worry about.

I am going to try three BJJ practices a week and two Crossfit sessions. One session will more strength oriented, probably something like Robb's Push Pull Lower Body workout along with a brief metcon type finisher. The other workout with be a heavier metcon, perhaps something like Fight Gone Bad, Ross's Magic 50, or whatever else i can cook up. I think that combined with plenty of rolling during class will give me good conditioning for jits. I won't be a Crossfit monster, but that is not my goal.

If later on my schedule changes and i can workout twice a day i might try doing an additional workout in the morning and then grappling in the evening.

I'll have to see how this all plays out. I can still go into CF on other days and help coach but not workout.

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