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Default Snatch and Jerk form check

I need a little critique here. I've gotten quite comfortable with my clean (PR is around 110kg). But my jerk is at 100 and my snatch at 77kg.


I tend to put all my weight on the front foot when I split, which I'll assume means the bar is going forward and I'm falling forward in my dip. I've practiced getting a slightly short dip and it seems to be helping, but I welcome any suggestions.


It doesn't feel quite right about 75% of the time. The bar travels too far away from my body, and you'll see I jump forward on the catch. I can't quite figure it out - I find it hard to coach myself, because I'm trying too hard to reconcile what I see in the video with what I feel during the lift - the two don't match up.

Appreciate the help guys - especially drills and things I can keep in mind while lifting to try and correct the form flaws.
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