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Originally Posted by joe waguespack View Post

OK , now my question. On my "over"indulgence days , I feel almost drunk after I eat. I don't stuff myself to sickness, but I definitely feel almost loaded. Could it be the massive intake of calories, or maybe the sugar from ice cream that I am not used to? Or is there something metabolic that is going on? Just curious, since this only happens on my high calorie days.
Totally. I am glad to here someone else say that I get high off some cheat meals to. I believe there are multiple reasons. The first is just the insulin.... Raised blood pressure..... incredible amounts of fast fuel entering the blood stream of an animal conditioned to use energy efficiently also probrably throws us out of the normal sensory perception especially when we are in a resting stae as far as our activity levels at the time of tis super nurishment. Finally there is a release of the neurotransmitter Dopamine whenever we take in sugar and experience the sensation of sweet not only that but it is released when we are satisfied and experiencing joy. I don't know about you but I Love Ribs and Ice cream look forward to a cheat meal like this (although the ribs are hardly a cheat without BBQ sauce all over them) and while eating it I am experiencing a joy full activity which ends in elated satisfaction and being nice and full to boot. at this point Your dopamine receptors are so chock full you may as well have just kicked back a pint of moon shine. This is for sure my DOC. And by spreading out the meals and IF your tolerance should never build. Just be responsible.... Don't cheat and drive
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