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Post Alex's CA WOD Training Log

Hey all, today is my first day of doing the CA WOD. I've been CrossFitting since April '07 and feel that although I've developed fairly well, I'm still severely lacking in strength and the O-lifts compared to where I want to be.

Stats: 26yo/m/5'11"/185-lbs <10%BF

All of my current PRs are in my primary Workout Log, but here are a few that relate somewhat to my short-term goals.

Back Squat - 345 x 1 (305 x 3 x 5) *Low bar
Front Squat - 255 x 1
Overhead Squat - 175 x 1
Deadlift - 390 x 1 (365 x 4)
Clean - 200
Jerk - 200
Snatch -130

Fran - 3:57
Grace - 6:57
Diane - 11:43

One of my biggest weaknesses is high-rep Oly lifts. The 155-lbs 30 C&J from the Games took me 20-ish minutes. That's something I really hope to rectify over time.

Goals prior to the 2009 CrossFit Games:
C&J: 280-lbs
Snatch: 195-lbs
OHS: 185 x 15
Deadlift: 465-lbs
Diane: sub-6
Grace: sub-4
Fran: sub-3


- Alex
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