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Nutrition: Yesterday was a cheat day. I ended up eating 3.5oz Lindt Dark Chocolate, a 12" Chicken/Colby Jack Cheese sub with mayo/mustard/all veggies, 6oz Kiwi/Lime juice, and 6oz Mango nectar for L-inner (5pm). Had a 2 block snack at 10:30pm when I got home from work (chicken/apple/macademia nuts). IF until after the lifting WOD this morning (about 12 hours) - then a 5 block meal (turkey/cheese/banana/orange/macademia nuts).
Sleep: Asleep at 11:30pm, up at 8:30am (9 hours)

- Coach Rut's Dynamic ROM Drills
- Rowing 3:00

Back Squat: 70% (245-lbs) x 5 x 5
Shoulder Press: 75% (110-lbs) x 5 x 5

BS: Made sure to go even deeper than usual to really emphasize the drive out of the hole. Felt pretty good, lower back is still a little fatigued, but energy levels are coming back up and soreness is finally dropping down.

Press: Elbow still felt a little tweaked but nothing that hampered the lifts. I really focused on active shoulders at the top of every rep.

- Alex
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