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Okay so I'm initially thinking of doing 2 or 3 weightlifting workouts a week, MWF. I was thinking M and F do oly lifts and W do some sort of WOD.

Monday: plyo/agility work followed by oly lifts
Tuesday: sprint conditioning
Wednesday: LSD run (I'll explain this more later) followed by possible WOD
Thursday: plyo/agility work
Friday: sprint work followed by oly lifts

This however brings me to a question. With so much sprinting/plyos/agility would it be smarter to just do 2 oly workouts a week and not do any lifting on W? My thinking is that with so much CNS taxing work 2 days of oly lifting should be enough and an extra rest day couldn't hurt.

Also my LSD run consists of running a mile at a 7:30 minute pace. However each week I will be adding on an extra quarter mile and making sure I stay on a 7:30 pace (in order to accomplish this each quarter mile must be completed in 1:52, which in actuality is a 7:28 minute pace). I am doing this because my goal by the end of March is to run 8 miles in 60 minutes (this is a good test of conditioning in the soccer world). I'm thinking I'll be able to handle this workload since my LSD run progresses pretty slowly so by the time it does hit higher mileage my body will have adapted to the load.

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I have a nice list of plyo exercises to pick from, and on the days I will be doing plyos it will only be 2-3 max exercises done with full rest. Same thing goes for my sprint speed work. I'll be doing sprints at various distances of no more than 50m (maybe occasionally a few 100M), with full rest, timing them and stopping once my times stop decreasing. I have a speed parachute which I'm looking forward to using
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